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When we look into history, Rich carriage owners and passengers were accustomed to having their own private compartments, leaving their coachman or driver outside in all weathers. When automobiles were introduced, the same folks demanded a similar arrangement for their chauffeurs. A Limo car service has a partition that typically separates the driver from the back passenger compartment in limousines. This provides the passenger to have more private cruise experience.


The ever-evolving New York keeps you feeling channelized with the flow of the moment, a continuous, never stopping moment that keeps you in the moment. And experiencing this needs to be done in the ways that suit best. Hiring a Limo will match almost every thrill you are looking for and have an exuberant experience of the ride. Few terms that are famous when it comes to a limo are Place on wheels, party on wheels.


Hiring such a service is not quite pocket friendly. Limo services are often quite expensive depenting the market situation, season, etc. due to this many people find it difficult to afford limo car service. But worry not, there are ways where one can book the limo car service. The following are the ways one can book their limo car service:


Advance booking, for an upcoming event in the coming months, you check onto the rates which will be comparatively lower since you are making an advance booking you will be rest assured withe the availability of the limo and the lower rates. Booking on the same day or in a week or so result in high demand which place emphasis the higher price.


Check for referrals, while booking a limo service always look out for some referrals

Many times referrals lead to impressive discounts on the pricing that can be spent somewhere else to enjoy even more. While booking via the website lookout of the referral codes and apply it on the booking page.


Seasonal discounts, Limo service providers often let the customers massive seasonal discounts that lead their sales. During this period you can avail of the limo service at an effective rate and enjoy the experience.


Ask out, Asking out for discounts is missing nowadays, many times people presume that limo service are fixed at pricing factor and they are non-negotiable. But this is not the case in reality, you can ask for discount or even give a negotiation price to book the limo service.


You get to know about these seasonal offer, referral codes, and many more things, just by signing into the email newsletters of the company, many of the services give away key insights of the car services, where you can get personalized coupons codes, upcoming events and sales from where you can avail the service at a much affordable priceses.


Limo car gives you an experience that is completely different from others modes of cruise. Feel the excubring experience of limo with Mellimo Executive Chauffeur services. Where you get the cruise of Limo with the service of Executive Chauffeur all at an irestiable price in NYC.


Mellimo assures you with santised, hygienic and professional chauffeur who are well versed with the routes of New York City and are aware of the top sightseeing spots that will enlighten your cruise experience.



Q1: Can i request a particular driver?

ANS: It completely depends upon company policy and the authorised company perosnnel. Although you can make the request for a particular driver but there is no assurance for demand to met.


Q2: Can i bring my own music?

ANS: Yes, you are welcome to bring your own music to improve your experience with us. All limousines, limo party buses, and shuttle buses have CD players. Some of our limousines additionally offer iPod and/or Bluetooth connections. Please inquire with our team about the specific limousine features you require.


Q3: When will i know my Limo has arrived?

ANS: When your driver arrives at your original pickup location, he or she will contact the contact person you specified to our staff when booking your reservation. This might be you, a spouse, a wedding coordinator, or someone else. Please keep an eye out for your limousine 5-10 minutes before your scheduled arrival time in case your location is difficult to see at night or you foresee us having trouble finding you. You can also contact our office if you need to speak with your chauffeur before your first pickup.



Limo stands you apart from the regular cars, it reshapes the people thinking towards you. Limo means comfort, space, upnotch, calmness and control over the situation. Limo ride is once in a life time experience that everyone should endure and embrace.