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We choose luxury because we know that there would not be any compromise in any aspect of the product or service we opt for. Deep down in our thinking process, we know that anything termed as luxury means there has been keen observation and utmost attention has been placed to make the product or provide the service. We all crave such dedication, firmness, and attention in our daily lives but such products and services are sustainably priced above their level of dedication pitted in, this is because there is yet to have a method where one can measure the level of dedication and rate accordingly. Such features are intangible in nature and vary from different people’s perceptions. But, Mellimo is on the drive to give their customers a blissful journey, costing much of a dime from their pockets.

What’s Affordable Luxury?

Affordable Luxury is nowadays in trend, many brands claim to provide luxury services or products that are legible to observe at first glance but as time passes by they start to feel a smudged copy of something that just resembles the actual thing. Similarly, while some brands claim to give luxury traveling services to the passengers by marketing it in such a way. Later on, it’s the user’s experience that exposes the true aspects of luxury accommodations. Either positive or vice versa.

Aspects of Luxury car service.

When we hunt for luxury automobile service, we consider a variety of factors. Let’s start with the Chauffeur service. When we book a premium transportation service, what do we want the most? Is it the latest automobile model to pick up, or the chauffeur to be well groomed and friendly to us with a smile, or is it the best audio system in the car? What do we truly curb for? One thing in particular that we look for in terms of luxury transportation is a sense of feeling self for a bit, feeling something that you desire, deserve, and are destined to be. And how does one feel about it? What are those aspects to be in luxury and how can we go for it affordably, let’s find out:

Budget-friendly Luxury Car Service:

There are a few options for getting to budget-friendly luxury accommodations. To begin, when searching for luxury car service near me on the internet, read the reviews first. The reviews will tell you how people reacted after opting out for their services from other brands, allowing you to shortlist the companies that claim to provide the best luxury car service in NYC and the people who have enjoyed their purchases from the company.

24/7 Support

To be safe under any conditions, a brand that claims to provide luxury accommodations must have a 24/7 support system. Checking for a 24/7 support not only provides the company an advantage, but it also gives customers piece of mind knowing that there is assistance in the backend to take care of anything that goes wrong. This not only gives you peace of mind, but it also increases your car cruise experience.

Dependable and Secure

Luxury implies dependability, relying on trusted hands to be free to do whatever you want without sacrificing safety and comfort. Luxury implies making things more subtle and less intrusive while offering a comfortable travelling experience.

At the same time, luxury is associated with a sense of security and safety, which is reflected in the service. For example, if the driver exceeds the speed limit or makes fast curves while driving, the passenger may feel unsafe and may be involved in an accident. Thus, the passenger must feel safe in all situations because it is the greatest level of luxury.

Booking Experience

When booking a Chauffeur service, the consumer should feel as if he or she is sitting in a restaurant/café and buying meals. As simple as that, if the consumer is visiting in person to make an advance appointment for chauffeur service, being more specific and to the point may raise the odds that one needs to rely on that service. Whereas when making a booking the via internet/app, the more clear and precise the procedures are, the easier it feels to the visitors to browse through, making the booking experience feel luxurious.

Match the taste

Different people define luxury in different ways; a big role is played by the term “Brand”; for example, some people consider Volvo to be a luxury car, while others want Mercedes or BMW. When someone searches for luxury vehicle service NYC rolls Royce, they are looking for a certain brand. Regardless of other brands, they have already prioritized a single brand, Rolls Royce, that can fulfil their premium standard. As a result, they prefer it that way, making a special request for that automobile brand just for their chauffeur service needs. As a result, Mellimo aims to meet their demand by ensuring that their customers get their selected car for a comfortable journey experience.


Q1:  What is a luxury chauffeur service?

Ans: The chauffeur service is a car rental with a driver aimed at a Customer who asks a customised transport service depending on the number of hours or the number of journeys. Having that with cars top brands, making customised decorations and meeting with specific requirements of the customer makes the service luxurious.

Q2: Can i smoke in the rental car?

Ans: As on general the answer to this question is No. but mainly it depends on the companies policy and the way they operate.

Q3: Will the car be clean?

Ans: Usually, Executive chauffeur service providers maintains the hygiene the environment of the car and ensure standardisation through out the process.


Luxury means of transportation service shoould be aimed to provide the traveller an experience that is memorable when he reaches out the desired destination and then remembers the journey he/she just travelled. Affording such an experience is not so hard anymore, looking up for reviews, offers, referral discounts, making advance booking can make these luxurious ride more affordable and delightful to you and your family.