Take Your Time with Hourly As Directed Chauffeuring

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Most of the time, when people think about hiring a chauffeur service, they think about a ride from one destination to another. However, that assumes you know everywhere you want to go, and when you want to be there. Life does not always work that way, especially if you’re not in the city on business.

A different option is to hire an hourly as directed chauffeur service. This allows you the exclusive use of a professional driver and luxury vehicle, but the flexibility to direct your time at the moment, rather than having it all planned out ahead of time. Here are some of the times you might consider an hourly as directed service.

Normal Transportation

Getting out and about in New York City can be a hassle. Sure, you can try to hail a cab, use the public transportation system, or even try ride-sharing services. However, all of these lack the luxury, privacy, and typically the service you’ve grown to expect.

Hourly as directed chauffeur services allow you to block a luxury vehicle and professional driver to do whatever you need around New York City. Whether you want to go shopping in Midtown at the Rockefeller Center or have clients to meet throughout the city, hourly as directed limo service allows you to get everywhere you need to go without matching someone else’s schedule.

It also means your driver and vehicle are on standby whenever you’re ready to move from one place to another. This saves you time from waiting for a ride-share to arrive, or competing with a line of aggressive people trying to hail a cab.

Routine Transportation

Sometimes, you know that you routinely have the same travel needs, and having a vehicle waiting for you is much easier than other options. Whether you have a specific client you meet on Thursdays, a breakfast you go to on Saturday, or a flight you take every Tuesday, a chauffeur can make sure you have a ride every time.

The difference between an hourly as directed chauffeur versus a full-time chauffeur is that you can schedule the service when you need it but aren’t paying for it when you don’t. It also means you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your own vehicles, but have a company that keeps the vehicle in pristine condition. If you have a routine transportation need, you can schedule it out and even work to have the same driver if you like them.

Extra Traffic

Everyone knows traffic around NYC is horrible, and why there are so many cabs and transportation services. While you can’t always predict when and where traffic snarls will occur, being stuck driving or on public transportation when you get caught by traffic puts a damper on your day.

With a chauffeur service, you don’t have to worry about the traffic situation, but can spend the time reading, managing your business, or enjoying the company of those in your party. With hourly as directed service, you can change your destination on the fly, if you don’t absolutely have to be at the original destination. This keeps you out of traffic and allows you to enjoy your day or get more done.

Night Out

When you want a night out on the town with your friends, you don’t always know where you’ll want to go. You may have an idea of where you want to start, but what happens when the line is already around the block? If you used a ride-share or public transportation, you’re left waiting to try to get someplace else, and the night quickly wastes away.

When you use an hourly as directed limo service, you simply contact your driver and head someplace else. Your driver will likely be able to help direct you to other spots you might enjoy, relieving some pressure of trying to decide where to go next.

A Vehicle for Any Occasion

No matter why you need a chauffeur service, Mellimo Executive Chauffeured Services has the right vehicle. Our fleet includes luxury sedans, including Cadillac, Mercedes, and Lincoln vehicles. If you need a little extra room, we have a range of luxury SUVs. If you’re headed out with a group, consider one of our Sprinters, mini-limo buses, or our full-size luxury bus. The Lincoln stretch limo is a great option if you crave traditional elegance.

Whether you just want to avoid dealing with driving yourself around New York City for your business, or you want a stress-free night out, Mellimo Executive Chauffeured Services has the right solution. Call to reserve your car and professional driver today.